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New Server "Pending"


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Hi, I changed servers and so deleted the old one and added a new one, however, despite saying in pb_sv_uconlist that it is sending the info, it isn't listed on the Master Stream Index. Further, on my team account it is brown in colour indicating that it is pending an admin response but isnt in the list of applications requiring admin response. Help please?



Server ip

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When you add a new server, the PBBans Admins/Staff must review and approve the server. If you just recently added the server it may take a little time for the review/approval process to complete. If it has been several days perhaps you could get on the PBBans IRC and present your issue to the PBBans Admins/Staff there.

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PBBans have to follow integrity checks on new account submissions. There investigations into new account submissions may take longer than normal. (This is for everyone's security.) It may take longer than usual for them to activate you. Sit tight...

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Thanks, I'm in the exact same boat. Was about to post until I read this.


I've had an account for almost a year but only recently got a new server and just today tried to stream to PBBans. I was confused when my server status says pending yet there was no forum post in the pending accounts section.


A sticky somewhere explaining that yes in fact an admin will see that I added a new server and will review it would help avoid confusion -- or better yet a message stating this after I've added a new server.


Good to have that cleared up though, I will sit tight.

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