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Hammer out some issues


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Hello my is Paranoia

I would like to stream my servers to pbbans.

Not only to help out the community of gamers to keep everyone lagit.

I also like some of the nifty features.

However I was declined


Thread was locked So I couldn't rebuttle.

So I have been hanging around IRC last few days.

Trying to get live talk going. But it seems when I'm there those who can answer arn't.

And when they are there I'm not :(.

So I'm here in an attempt to try to do something.

Let me give you some details.

My house is my part-time buisness.

I don't really get paid because I'm building up my referances.

However I pay a little bit of money to get the buisness internet.

My servers have there own seperate IP. They will never mix.

I have tripple verified. And I have checked with the tools provided by pbbans.

To determine if by chance a client was on the server IP.

No history. Clean.

I just would like to have the chance to help.

And was hoping that if anything I have mentioned would assist in the reconcideration of allowing me to stream.Please feel free to ask questions if there are some things that need to be cleared up.


Sorry for the bad formatting but something happend and I needed to copy and paste.

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My servers are adquate enough.

Why pay for more servers when you don't need them.


PBBans has tightened up security recently due to events outside of our control.

There are now protocols in place for checking out a new team account applicant.

The very first thing thats checked is wether the server is run from someones house / rented from a GSP / co-located at a dedicated server host etc etc.


When I first checked out your initial team account application, I could see straight away that your application had fallen at the first hurdle, so to speak.

Just to double check, I asked for a direct link to your GSP, which was when you confirmed that your server was indeed run from your home.


How many different ways can we say, home computer, home server, personal computers etc. :P

As far as I am aware, there are only 2 anti cheat sites with a strict check on all applicants who apply for streaming and unfortunately they are the premiere 2 (PBBans & PsB) but you are quite welcome to try your luck streaming to another anti cheat site.

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