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On any given day, there are around 20-30 bans that show up in my pbbans.dat file. I'm seeing people listed as "banned" from my server console, but it says there are no bans for my account? Am I missing something in my pb files? Or is this normal? I've got hundreds of bans in my pbbans and I assume there should be at least some on my account.

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no what that means is if someone is caught on another server then that means the player is added to the ban list of all the servers streaming (that's the point of streaming) and because your using PBBans (which uses the UCON method of streaming) the bans are added live.


just for fun I would download the lastest pbbans.dat file from here (you will need to rename after you download) http://www.pbbans.com/mbi.php


and upload it to your server (make sure you do a pb_sv_restart after that)


also I suggest you use the enforce bans flag in your acccp (it will kick player from your sever automatically, you can use this with or without the accept bans flag)



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