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Question about a characted in a BF2 Tag


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Well, I was playing on my favorite BF2 server (besides mine of course :P which I am trying to start streaming to PBBans) and I saw people in a clan with a tag that was something like -GoĐ-. I can't imagine that the Đ character is allowed at all in Bf2. I know that name violations are bannable on the server, and I want to clarify.





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Clantag can contain all characters, names on the otherhand cant.


You can change your tag with global.con file in your BF2 profile(correct?)


I believe so. It's also possible to simply copy and paste from out of game, into your tag (at least with 2142).

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why do you care if he had special characters. was he cheating did u want to kick him? Or are you that irritated he had a special character and u didn't u need to go tell mommy on him.


Look at how funny and mature you are.

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