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Vista And ET Issues


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ok, so it could be completley out of the "amazing pc's now" but i brought the dell xps720..... i can run any game in full graphics, farcry,crysis, fallout etc etc, but why when i try and run ET do i only get 80fps or so and even then it will try forcing it'self further, so i capped the fps @ 125, never seems to hit it, yet on something like CS Source im running @ over 300......

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In ET, try opening your console with the tilde key (~) and enter in /com_maxpackets 100 and /cl_maxfps 125 at the same time.


Might need to fine-tun them, to work. Depends on specs, but those settings should lock them in well enough. If you have a lower-end graphics card, you won't be able to hold 125fps in ET properly.

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Personally, I'd try removing the overclock on the CPU and RAM and then test it again. Overclocking generates more heat, as a result, often causes detrimental performance degradation as opposed to stock speeds under load. ET is one game that will suck up as much CPU as you can throw at it, and it will push the heat up a fair bit all on it's own. Likely more of a heat issue on your end, as the game isn't that graphically intense.


I'd also consider updating those video card drivers and perhaps your chipset driver at www.nvidia.com.


Thirdly, when running ET, try right-clicking the icon, and select "Run as administrator" when gaming.

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Factory oc'd, although it allows for some tweaking. 8800-series cards use 65nm tech, and thus run hotter. ET also doesn't support SLi, so you're only using one card in this system, for this game.


Many of the factory-tweaks could be interfering as well....


TBH, I've always avoided Dell systems.


One of the more common phrases you find on OC-related forums is "Dude, you CAN'T over-clock your Dell!"


Which may still hold true, even for this machine, as they've never really laid into the market of being a "performance computer" until recently, and they're still very proprietary, from my understanding of those I know who own them currently.

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