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Weird !


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ok i joined a full server 44 people HC FFA this is what resulted



i have never done any hacks ever but i sure did have fun running around knifing people......must be some glitch only thing i did was join a game using one of my customs then decided i wanted a stock one and it happened

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well i was posting to see if maybe some other COD5 players have had something like this happen before maybe we can figure out what made it happen and possibly hint on to the makers to see if its fixable.

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Well talking to the admin for that server i was one he says it was an issue in cod2 and rarely showed in cod4 but hes seen it a bunch on cod5. And hey lol could you blame me thats like 160 knife kills lol i wore the crap outta my wheel button hahaha

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Strange yet funny bug.


Had something similar happen to a clanmate on BF2142 once. He was absolutely immortal for an entire round :D

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