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Crysis Wars failed screenshots


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Just like the title says, my screenshots are failing when i am playing Crysis Wars. Honestly I don't know what a failed screenshot is, all I know is that Im about to be banned from my clan server because of this issue. So I'm here to find out how to fix this problem. Any help is much appreciated.


My system is q9550, 4gig DDr2, ATI 4870 x2, 8.11 CCC, Vista 64 bit, playing the game in 32 bit mode.


PS I already reinstalled the game, updated PB, opened up all the ports on my router, and still no luck. Please Help


Thank you.

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There are numerous reasons why a pbss fails to capture or returns a black screenshot.

A lot of them are not cheat related.

Are you returning anything or none at all ?

Whats the status code of the pbss ?


The status codes on pbss are as follows:

B0 = Application not active screen capture failed.

B1 = Screenshot successfully attempted line present.

B2 = Screenshot successfully attempted line not present.



B0 - The game is minimized or in the background.

B1 - Successfully received. Can sometimes return a black SS.

B2 - Is caused by one of many reasons (drivers, hardware, bad connection, etc).

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He is returning blank, not black screenshots with the status code B0. This happens for 100% of the automatic screenshots taken by PB. From what I understand, this "B0" code occurs when:


- there is high traffic on the server, mainly caused by a high player count

-the player

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This can be related to driver revisions, Nvidia video cards tend to take the larger-hit, here, btw. Running with anti-aliasing on, as well as a few of the other eye-candy settings can cause this issue.


This is not a cheat-related offence in any sense of the manner, just a bug. It can be duplicated very easily. Vista in either 32-bit or 64-bit flavour can cause this. Sometimes also seen with users who run XP as well.


I would recommend you at least update chipset and video card drivers, and try turning off AA as a test.


I tend to return black ss all the time too.


Q6600, Nvidia 9800GTX+ SC+, 4GB 800Mhz OCZ Reaper RAM, Audigy Xtreme Gamer Infinity sound, and the list goes on.... It's not a sign of cheating. It is a local-issue, with your clan, and in this case, up to them.

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If a player is returning blank screenshots with a status code of BO, and the game is not minimised or in the background.

Try opening a troubleticket with EvenBalance and see if they have any solutions.

Troubletickets are not just for appeals on bannable violations, they are also used to troubleshoot PB problems a player may be experiencing with PB software.

Troubleticket Link

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Thanks for your quick response guys.




I have an ATI card with the latest drivers (8.11) so Nvidia is not an issue for me. I also updated the chipset drivers, sound drivers, and flashed the bios to the latest version a few weeks ago so it must be somethin else. I also disabled the router's firewall and still no luck. I don't know if this is an issue or not but I have DC++ and Utorrent installed. I dont use them while playing online though.


I have most of the graphic settings turned up to highest ( Enthusiast ) with 2x AA . I will try to turn my settings down a notch and see what happens.




I already submitted a ticket to evenbalance a few days ago but i didn't get any response. My ticket number is EB96800003644.

The screenshots were taken while I was playing the game, so it wasn't minimized or running in the background.


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It is also possible that this is simply a bug in the game. There are several pb-related bugs with Crysis games that have yet to be fixed, and unfortunately, are a Crytek issue and the need for full and proper pb-integration, rather than an actual pb problem itself.

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Thanks everyone for their feedback. I changed the graphical settings to medium and turned off AA and still no luck. I get the same result : failed screenshots code B0




I know that there are several bugs related to Crysis, pb , and vista but other clan members with a similar setup are not experiencing the same issue. So i am sure that theres a way to fix this , I just can't figure it out.

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Several staff go thru the same issue, with black SS for other games. Yours, personally with Crysis, as I don't play or own the game, can't help much more. I wished I could, but won't buy or support a broken game, past COD5, this year, and it has it's own issues.


I'll support what I know, and I do know that the black SS issue relates to all games, not just Crysis, so your head-admin, or clan-admin, perhaps need to re-think things a bit, and work with educating themselves.


This issue won't go away because one person can, and one person can't get clean ss, it will go away when both sides of the dev work together, namely the game developer, and the anti-cheat developer, in integrating things properly. In your case, it's the game-dev that is the major issue, added to the fact there are several flavors of Vista, and XP still in the mix, and that's not helping, on the latter part of things.

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Thanks for your support.


I am gonna keep trying to solve this issue; reinstalling some of the apps as i may have a bug somewhere. If anyone finds a way to fix this please let me know. I am gonna keep reading this blog until i find a solution.


Thanks everyone for their help.

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