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COD:World at War question


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pb_sv_Restrictions 2 //[Kick for Restrictions 0=No, 1=Yes (default=1) 2=key macro Restrictions]


Thats what the .cfg file has for the setting. (I didn't change anything) Do I need to change that to 1? Or is it fine with using the level 2 restrictions? Thanks for any help..

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Should be fine the way it is. It is an optional setting, if you personally feel having it at 1 is better for you and your server, or for that matter, choose 0 for no. That is entirely up to the server-admin.

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Saturday 12.6.2003 [8:15PM]


Version 1.061 of the PB Server for RtCW has been released to our PB Master Servers for auto-update and to our website download page. This version includes a new PunkBuster facility called PB Restrictions. By default, PB Restrictions are Enabled; the pb_sv_restrictions setting may be set to 0 by server admins who do not wish for PB to kick for PB Restrictions. Kicking for PB Restrictions will be announced to players that join PB servers in the "WARNING: PB Kicks for ... All PB Restrictions on this server" message shortly after joining a server where PB Restrictions are Enabled. Initially, this facility will only work properly on Internet based PB Servers but will be extended to LAN servers in a future update. We expect to activate PB Restriction logging/kicking after the next PB Client update. Players who are kicked for a PB Restriction will be notified of the reason they were kicked. Additionally, PB Restrictions will be logged on all PB Servers even when kicking is disabled.


In general, the PB Restriction facility represents a tighter set of parameters for playing on PB Servers. A player who fails a PB Restriction check should not necessarily be considered a cheater, so we advise PB Admins to consider initial PB kicks for restrictions to be warnings to the players who are kicked so that they may either honor the restriction by correcting their setup or play on other servers. However, we also encourage PB admins to deal with repeat offenders of PB Restrictions as they see fit. The initial group of restrictions will deal with unusual opengl32.dll access or hooking. Players whose systems do not return proper information about the game using a single opengl32.dll system file will be considered restricted by this new facility (Note: Anyone still trying to play PB games running under Windows NT v4 is going to be considered restricted by default). Future updates may require the most current version of DirectX/display drivers to be installed, etc. We will gladly accept and consider suggestions for future restriction possibilities from the community via email to [email protected].


Release Notes for PB Server v1.061:


* new pb_sv_restrictions setting defaults to 1 (which means kicking for PB Restrictions is Enabled)

* addressed bug in Linux PB Server that caused PB to not be able to restart itself (such as after an update) on some Linux servers

* new pb_sv_lan setting defaults to 0; when set to 1, PB will behave as though it has no Internet access

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