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pbss setteing


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I have seen alot of pbss and i found that the prospective of the SS is wider plz tell me how can i make it wider other than only the cross hair only


ps.plz dont send me to the info center and thanks

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there is no way to make the images "wider"... you can change the image size taken by changing it to sp2 but I would not suggest going above that (and personally to even go to sp2 at all)\


pb_sv_SsSrate 2

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If you read the PBSS guide in the infocenter, it has all the information you need...why shouldn't we direct you to it?


After all, that's what it's here for..


Anyhoo, ontopic:


800x408 at Sample rate two, is as large as it can get without compromising quality even more.


See the screenshot below for an example of this size/quality.


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The quality issue comes with readable text, in ss_rate 1 vs unreadable text in ss_rate 2, without the use of something like orangepeelchecker or another known ss blow-up program.


Many of the queries are based on the text alone, as ppl do not know what it is, and if they were using ss_rate 1, would know what it is because they could actually see it.


It is up to the server admin as to what settings he wants, though, nothing is forced on you as individual clans/groups.

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When you change the size and sample rate ,How much LAGG does it add to server when SS's are taken?

I'm sure this has an effect.



I personally have not noticed any change in performance at all.


You used to be able to take much larger PBSS, but Evenbalance reverted that update, because that *did* cause lag.

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