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Problems setting up account, pls help.


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Hi, long story short I have an old account on here (username=Hellsonix).

I need to change details within that account so as to add a streaming servers IP that I now run and obtain SGA status.


What I have done so far:


1> Logged into my old account and tried to amend details. Result is it will not let me access my control panel on that account, therefore I cannot change details or even post a request on the forums (no access to forums either).


2> SO, I created a new account and added server Ip, everything required to setup streaming etc.


3> I am using the cod4cc recon tool which has an auto Pbbans setup tool (handy I thought).

I have just checked my server ftp and the PBUCON file is there so the tool did its job afaik.


4> I posted an application for a streaming account (using thi new account) and supplied details of previous account (hellsonix) with a request to delete my old account.

The application was denied and I was told to request detail change on the old account instead.


However, that account does not have forum access, and nobody on IRC replied during the 5-10mins I was there on 2 occasions.


So, please help me sort this out and either allow me to amend my details on the old account like my login name (I need access to the account control panel which I currently do not have) or please allow me to use this new account I am posting with to submit my streaming request.


Upto you guys, thanks in advance.

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Thanks for the fast response..well after submitting my application for the streaming account and being told I need to amend details on my old account, I tried to log back in on that account but the username had turned purple and had a line thru it..looked like it had been suspended I think.

But I was able to log in with it.


Just now, I just tried to log in with that same old username to try and get you a link as you requessted and it doesn't even exist anymore...so I guess the problems been fixed in that I now only have this account I'm posting with.


Is it safe to post another application for a streaming account then now?


Thanks. :unsure:


Should probably add so you can check properly the old account

login name was: mfr-hex

displayname was: hellsonix

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The problem is, that when you put in your application for a team account, you added a note that you already had an account but could not log in to it.

A team account and a forum account are 2 different animals entirely, because you created a duplicate forum account, your previous forum account was banned as a matter of course (this is our standard operating procedure)


Your original forum account had never made a team account application, but because you had made a note in your recent team account application saying you had an account but could not log on to it, the assumption was made that you had a previous team account.



Make a full re-application.


points to note:

When making a query about an account, please ensure that the type of account (forum or team) is mentioned.

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