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Hey all, I have some demo evidence of a player (who I and many other people think hacks) for Enemy Territory that i want someone to review. However I have no idea how this works or what I'am supposed to do. I just want a detailed response to how this works.



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Hey jeru,


I've got an awesome idea for you and your demo. Think about this:


I guess you got a friend who is the owner or an admin of a server and already has banned one or couple more hackers.


Just send him the demo, let him watch it and if he is seeing a hack in it, give him the GUID and IP or Logs to submit it to pbbans.com.


When the demo shows edvidence that he really hacks, PBBans/Evenbalance will enforce a ban.



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Demo Submission Requirements

  • Demo must be recorded via in-game recording utility. (Utility must be designed into the game. Demos not accepted from some games)
  • Server streaming to PBBans at the time which the demo was recorded
  • Demo Submitter must have SGA status with PBBans and the server listed in their Team Account.

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well the server wasnt mine but it was streaming. So basically all I have to do is give the demo to the owner of the server?


If you recorded the demo using ET (i.e it has a dm_82 or dm_84 extention), then yes.. pass it on to admin of the server in question. Include the date and approximate time you recorded the demo so he/she can lookup the players details in the PB logs and submit the demo to PBBans.

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