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PBBan new CD


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HI Guys my uncle was PBbanned bout a year ago his nephew put a hack on it so now he only plays in non PB servers,I am an admin on a server that streams PB and i was wondering if he gets a new Cd can he save the proflie ,and use it with his new cd where it should have a new guid # AND NOT BE BANNED or does he need to start from scratch........Please note His nephew is no longer able to get on his pc as it is password protected.

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there is a difference between having punkbuster run on your server (which is what you are talking about) and actually streaming to PBBans (two different organizations, we are PBBans and we take a stronger stance on cheating than punkbuster). Currently you are not an SGA at PBBans (account application and automatic setup). and yes I think that he would be able to jsut change it and not have a problem with keeping his profile, if it doesnt work then he will need to start from scatch obviously.



PBBans|Ice Man

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He should be able to use his old profile with a new copy of the game, since it doesn't store his GUID in any of those files.


Edit: Beat me to it, Ice man :D

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t y Guys I will use his profile and try it and if it does not work I will just tell him to start over.ty again and we do stream PB on our servers i am not an owner i am a admin for the servers,I appericate all your answers and in the future when i open my server I will be streaming PB as well

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