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One banlist vs another


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I dunno where this should be placed (here or in the SGA discussion section). But I figure I'd ask anyway.


As "my" server is currently streaming to here and to PsB, one of the bothersome aspect for PsB is having to regularly update the banlist. I am personally fond of PBBan's hub method of auto-banning when a found player happens to join my server. Curious to see the numbers, I checked out both PsB's CoDWaW banlist compared to PBBan's banlist. PBBans has significantly more than PsB currently have. Many of the GUIDs listed on PsB's list are also on PBBan's list.


So on a bored night, I coded up a quick perl script (yeah, I should really try learning python) to do a comparative check on the two list. I found a lot of missing GUIDs not found in PBBan's list, as the number of GUIDs that PsB has do not match up to the total. Meaning, there are "gaps."


Now, this has me quite curious as to where PBBan gets its ban sources. I know PsB does its own thing but it really has me scratching my head.


Can anyone enlighten me as to how/why there are some gaps between the two lists? Note, I am curious about this and wish to learn something out of it. I know there are ways to making the list complete to get the absolute best from both ends. But that involves quite a bit of effort to get such a thing going.

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Now, this has me quite curious as to where PBBan gets its ban sources


PBBans only receives information that is streamed from the servers - every single ban on the MBi is the product of having a server streamed here and a violation kick found in those streamed logs or in a PBSS being submitted by a server admin where we check the MD5 of the submitted shots against the streamed logs.

Every ban we have on our list can be verified and has supporting evidence which is in the streamed logs.


So in answer to your question; The streamed logs are the only source of bans.


PsB work in a similar manner, therefore if a server streams to PBBans but not to PsB then PsB will not have the same ban info that we have so cannot apply the same ban; and vice versa.


By dual streaming I would suggest that you are doing your best to keep both banlists complete ;)





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