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Can ya check this demo plz


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Just been in a CB war - inbetween maps we had some technical problems - ping on one player and microphone not working on another - so we got a small break to see if we could fix


whilst on the break we noticed one of our opponents with little or no recoil


have demoed the player - and screenshotted pb_plist


most of the time it looks like no recoil - and could possibly also be WH but not sure on the WH cus could just be good ts use and hearing footsteps etc


on replay of the demo it seems he is indeed getting less or no recoil some of the time specially with the pistol - as if he is turning it on and off maybe ??


watched in developer mode and some of the bits could be WH - wouldnt like to say on that one tho - might have just been luck and good playing


what you think




i have blocked out as suggested all the other guid entries on the screenie



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well its weird, i've tested the same guns and i get more recoil than kevster infact i get almost 5mm of onscreen recoil (approx) on the pistol - ok it doesnt kick back for long - but i can see it when im firing - when watching from him - especially when he was arround the blue flag area - it shows little or no recoil


still - thats why i posted it here - wasnt and still am not certain either way


i know of some config tweeks can lower recoil and they arnt banned - but still seems alot for a cvar change

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even if it showed a blatant hack it would be useless for us as we only accept pbss and demo evidence from streaming servers .. this is so that the accomanying log entries can be cross referenced with the pbbans evenbalance repository logs and prove without doubt as to the validity of any following ban :)

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