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Why Did I get perm banned from a COD 4 server?


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Am playing COD4 multiplayer and was on a server 'COD4 server'. One of the players was Jack Carver, very good and extremely hard to kill. I played a couple of games and managed to kill him. Very shortly after I killed him I was permanently banned from the server!


Can someone please explain why I was permanently banned?


I'm a little new to gaming (better late than never), so unsure of why this would happen and apologise if it's a stupid question.


Many thanks,


Dive bomb

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Hiya, got this form the server info:




That server is not streaming to PBB, which means what they applied was a local ban on their server only.


You will have to contact the clan themselves through their forum/website (if they have one), since there is nothing PBB can do about this.

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Hiya, got this form the server info:


Thanks COD4 Server

Random llama that has put up his own cod4 server with no punkbuster running and does not like being killed by anyone.

Just dont connect there any more :)

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