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Streaming to PBBans


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guys what if you want to stream to pbbans, but arent part of a clan? or team,


i got my server just for fun, for me and my friends, i dont have a website,

i just want to stream to pbbans, to keep the known hackers out (MBi)


is there anyway you can help me ?..



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In order to have a team account, you need:


A team, a website (with roster and forums), a dedicated server. Without those, I'm afraid you cannot stream. Feel free to apply if you meet the criteria in the future.

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I, myself don't have a clan or team either. I just set up a server and added a small forum and website for friendly chit-chat.


That's all that will be required. Note that the site will have to include some form of activity for the web site to be accepted.

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@ surfy


thats a bit harsh mate, that you only accept teams




cheers mate, i'll look into it, and try and get myself a website sorted.


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