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Vista Premium 64 bit + Punkbuster + (Enemy Territory or Call of Duty4) = hard freeze


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Hi Pb Community ... first sry for my english but i think the english area is better than to post this Problem in the german one ^^ .


My Problem is, that my PC freeze up, when I play Enemy Territory/Call of Duty4 on an Server with Punkbuster. When I play Cod4 Singleplayer Modus or Enemy Territory without PB I can play as long as I will.


- I have the newest final hardware driver on my PC (grafic card, Bios, Sata, Audio, Chipset and Raid)

- Enemy Territory have admin rights and compatibility mode XP Service Pack 2

- I closed all other Programms with "Task Manager"

- My RAM have 0 Errors (Memtest > 2 hours)

- CPU and grafic card temperatur = ok

- I updated my PB manual with pbsetup and the values from the PB Test tool all "green" ...


My PC:


MBoard: Asus P5B Deluxe

Graka: 8800 GTS

CPU: Intel 6420 (2 x 2.13)

RAM: 4 G

Power Supply: Zalman 600 Watt


When you need an Everest Report pm me :)


greetings ;D



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What kind of freeze/lock-up? Temporary? Makes the game look like you're walking backwards and then suddenly you can play again? Do you have x-fire running in the background? What's your ping to the servers you're playing on? Are you using a wireless connection to a router? Are there any PB errors popping up when this occurs?

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I have a hard freeze, the screen stand still and the sound always repeat. I have no bluescreen or something. The only thing I can do is to restart the computer. No strg + alt + entf helps only the restart. The Program x-fire isn*t installed on my computer. I have a 48 ping on the servers where i playing. I dont use wireless lan only with cable. No PB kicks and pop ups, only the freeze :( .

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This may sound like a silly suggestion, but if you have onboard sound, try plugging something into the microphone jack. The issue pertains to one of the more common onboard sound chips, namely the RealTek chip. Even a pair of headphones, if you don't have a mic.


This fixed some issues with COD4 crashing to desktop for some users as a result of the onboard chip's driver incompatibility.


Also, I run 64x Vista Ultimate, and have both games installed and they run perfectly without backward compatibility mode. The only thing I changed in the compatibility options was to set them to automatically run as administrator so that I could skip the right-click and select issue all the time.


I'll be around more Tuesday, got one more shift at work to complete Monday evening(CST North American time) and then maybe we can jump on IRC or such and get to the root of it.

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If you run any PB protected games under VISTA in a backward compatibility mode, your PB services cannot run with admin rights anymore. Therefore you will either experience a kick from PB protected servers or freezes, which are in fact the same thing. The A service might be started well but is not entitled to call the B service once you connect.


There are some games/compatibility mode combination (such as running as Win2000) which will allow PB to communicate again, but you may experience other issues with the particular game itself, such as no sound, bad graphics etc. ...


Like Roadwarrior said before, running games under Vista in comp. modes will cause you troubles and does not represent an option at all. There should be no reason to run Cod4 under WinXP emulation, just allow it to run as administrator and it will do fine under Vista.

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as said v. unlikely freezes with different games are related to pb ( http://www.pbbans.com/info-center-clientlog.html ), 99% HW-Driver (rule of thumb: test next older WHQL) issue. I'd try to: 1. reinstall DirectX 2. check bios settings (pnp OS yes, all vga related items Auto or disabled) and ... reading the initial post i'd check this http://support.asus.com.tw/PowerSupplyCalc...SLanguage=de-de out :eek:

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