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Befuddled with a DvD drive.


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I have a very odd issue. I created a boot disk from the windows 7 .iso and nothing shows when I view it on my desk top computer running XP professional SP3. What is strange is that the files are in fact there because when I put it in my laptop running Vista it loads fine and also will boot from the dvd fine. I have heard that SP3 may have caused this but not sure. I have been searching and researching but cannot get this fixed. It seems strange that the desktop will burn the disk but yet it cannot "see" them. It will not boot from it either. I am hoping someone has an idea. :blink:

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I get that issue from time to time. XP doesn't seem to like some of the newer files created by newer operating systems. Not sure why, tbh, other than perhaps there might be a slight change in the way NTSF works with Vista and Windows7.

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I have heard that SP3 may have caused this but not sure.

- uninstalling sp3: start menu -> run -> type: C:\WINDOWS\$NtServicePackUninstall$\spuninst\spuninst

-- Prepare for a mess on your PC if you have been running SP3 a long time. ;)

- try it on another computer



Try your motherboard's and dvd/cd manufacturer and see if there are any bios updates fixing this.

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I will attempt to mess with it again. I need a new drive anyway so I can use that to rule out the drive issue just in case. From what I have read on technet and various other forums it seems that for some certain things work and for others nothing. I am going to do a format and fresh install to see if anything changes after each patch. I don't want to spend money on a new Os for now until I decide what the best option will be. About time for a new system anyway, especially with the new AA coming some day. Too much money to solve a dvd issue though... :rolleyes: Say hello to the format command...

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Often when making a boot the disc, the files that do the work will not be visible when viewing the disc in the Windows OS.


If you have additional data on the disc it will be visible.




Create a Ghost boot disk. The boot files are configured to boot the system and automatically launch ghost and start imaging the system. The image file is included on the disc.


In that scenario you would only see the image file on the disc. All the files needed to boot the disc are not visible.


I'm not an expert with boot disc however, that's been my experience with the Ghost boot discs I've made.

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