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I had an application submitted that was denied (Seems strange that one cannot reply to denied request, instead they get closed forcing one to make a new thread...) however, the reason for the rejection was that:


The server IP exists on the MPI Master Player Index)

The very first check we make is wether the server address exists on the MPI.

If it does, streaming is denied as a matter of course.


The server IP would exist on the MPI, because I host a couple of racks of servers from my home - rent them out and everything, and I guess the issue is that one of the internet connections gets used for both me and a couple of my servers.


I'm wondering if an exception can be made, especially considering that my servers have been running for months and this isn't a case of me running a server from my desktop PC.



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Please review the PBBans Terms of Service.


1.1 Game Server - A game server shall be defined as a network server running a program that acts as a hub for clients to connect to for the purpose of interaction. For the purposes of clarification, PBBans will only allow streaming from dedicated servers and not from LAN or personal computers.

As Duality stated, get the server(s) co-located in a data center or rent a game server from a GSP.

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