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Hi there, I was just googling for some 2142 images and came accross THIS...


Now it clearly says this has been 'checked' by punkbuster and is 100% 'safe'... So this post is more clarification, I'm quite tired so probably a stupid post, but is this legit? if it just alters your rates etc. to optimise bf for your connection then I guess this is fine, but just sounds a little dodgy to me...



your thoughts?






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BF-Hitfixer is a legit program, all it does it optimize latency settings and such to improve the hit registration.


Whether this version on this website is valid, I'm not sure; if you intend on trying it, I suggest you get it from the official site.

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Do you know the official site?


Actually, I don't think there's an official site, just a thread on a forum where it originated from here.


I quote from the thread:


Since DICE has OFFICIALLY DECLARED THIS USELESS, I would like to request for a mod to lock this thread. Please do not delete it, in that it can be used as a reference for questions in the future people may have.


I am also editing the main post to state that it is useless.


"No it wasn't. It wasn't designed to change at all.

The "fixes" don't make the game work any differently as the server is still running with the normal values that the game has. These changes just graphically make it look like something different is happening."


Courtesy of Bazajaytee, Associate Producer at DICE, EA forums http://forums.electronicarts.co.uk/battlef...4975-legal.html Post Number 7

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There was quite a lengthy discussion about this a while back here on the forums.


This might be of interest to you:



As well as being able to download from the site lucky posted, it is also available here along with some more discussion on the subject:




Some people say it helps, some say it has a placebo effect.

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