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2 new servers, can't get either to stream


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Added them both to account, they are approved.

One is AIX and it was streaming this morning but when you connected it said pb version on server was wrong. I set it up with the automated hub setup. PB has been successfully updated and works. However, when I tried to redo automated hub setup on it after PB was updated, the connection was refused.

So I manually added the streaming info to the pbsv.cfg and still no streaming.


The other server is a ranked public and It's having the same problem, connection refused on automated hub setup, and still no streaming after manually updating pbsv.cfg.

Our old server is streaming fine still and I even copied the pbsv.cfg from it and put it on both new servers (editing nothing but the server's http access info IE: the ip for web access to server) and still nothing..

Can anyone help me?

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As long as the server has been added to your team account our work is done :)

None streaming issues are always client side.

First thing to check is that the server is fully updated and responding to standard PB commands (i.e. pb_sv_ver or pb_sv_plist or pb_sv_homepath)


If a response is not forthcoming from the server to any of these commands (PB/sv log) a full reinstall of PB would be required.

If a response is forthcoming and your experiencing a problem with the automated setup (webtool) try the bf2cc method outlined here;


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I got the ranked server to stream thanks to fozzer's bf2 setup link that I missed because I'm a drunk moron.. Thanks fozzer!!!!

I entered the same info that got my ranked server ranked to stream through cc into the aix server and still no stream.

AIX server ip is

Anything I've done wrong??

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All are streaming now, thanks to all and you can close this thread if want to..

Sorry to be such a newb when I've been a sga for awhile now.

Now StFU & Play!

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