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admin on cod1


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hi im a admin on cod1 it may be outdated but there still alot of hackers i handle the pbss for ouyr server catcha lot and ban them then i thought why not send the guids to you to ban them aswell just wandering i there is a mbl admin with xfire i can add


my xfire is pedrotherookie

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any other way i really dont want to stream it


No, we only accept evidence from streaming servers; this way we have logs to prove the validity of the screenshot.


May I ask why you don't want to stream?

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why don't you "want it streaming" ?


you do understand your asking help ridding hackers but you don't want to use our best forum of fighting them... is pb even on your server?

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can i pm u with ss and guids then?


No, we have a system in place for screenshot submissions and you need to be streaming to access it. Feel free to PM me however with your reasons for not wanting to stream, and maybe I can help you out with getting started here.

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