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Just a question.


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I wanted to add my server to the streaming list so i applied for a account on the page.

so i added my guid and everything, Then i check the forum and it it was denied cause my cd key was leaked?


Thats kinda odd cause i paid for my cdkey and i dint give anyone it so idk how come.

Please someone tell me what to do



sorry for my bad english.

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The answer was provided in the denial post.


Please have another member (without ties to leaked Cd-keys) apply for a Team Account.

This is due to a security measure we have in place here at PBBans. Since the GUID is 'out in the wild' it's only a matter of time before it's banned.

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so this means ill have to buy a new key soon then :?

or is there anything i can do about it cause the key belongs to me?


anyway ill flag that as not cool and ask my guild mate if i can use his guid to register the server.

Also i think i should start scanning with my virus progam xD

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Might want to consider letting your clan-mate go free, not letting him attach him to yourself in any way.


If you buy a new key, you may remain attached via IP, and connected GUID's.


Up to you, you can give it a shot, though.

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damn i feel so owned tbh..


But your sure it are 2 people using it?

Cause i dont reinstall cod4 when i format my pc

i just let it run once and add my cdkey via ingame menu, also i got a totally new pc a few weeks ago, wich i just putted my data disk in (with cod4 on it)

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