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BF2 server stopped streaming ! Help :'(


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Hi guys, glad to make you meet this BF2 server.


It streamed proudly for a month or two...catched some cheaters... everything was going smooth.

No its painted brown... So i made the procedures again.. Still painted brown.


so... please help me understand why..


aaah... heee we changed our rcon password in the meanwhile. But automated hub did work after sooo...


Thank you

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As long as the server has been added to your team account our work is done :)

None streaming issues are always client side.

First thing to check is that the server is fully updated and responding to standard PB commands (i.e. pb_sv_ver or pb_sv_plist or pb_sv_homepath)


If a response is not forthcoming from the server to any of these commands (PB/sv log) a full reinstall of PB would be required.

If a response is forthcoming and your experiencing a problem with the automated setup (webtool) try the bf2cc method outlined here;


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Thank you dear LuckyFragger, but


Everything is in order i monitor the server while making

1/ automated HUB setup = OK

2/ manual setup = OK


PB server version = OK


But when checking wether server streams = NOT OK ! :huh:

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OK !!!


It came from the GSP that made a special tool to prevent servers from namehackers/server crashers etc.. banning IP of hackers automaticly.


The PBBANS hub IP got banned somehow :rolleyes:


Well thanks,

I'm very glad the way my issue was taken seriously by the PBBANS staff,

thanks to you all, you are doing a great job B)

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