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a littl;e help pls with update


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heey all

great site , thank god there are people here to help


my problem,......

i updated PB for sof2 game and it still kickes me

it say's

player kicked (that's me )

for 0 min

restriction service communication failure

maybe i am a noob but i just dont get it ,all is updated and it wont let me stay in game


thx in advance



p.s.i uninstalled the update patch and setup and reinstalled it all

and i turned my firewall off but that didnt help either

pls help

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yes i have read all that

and i did everything i am suppose to do

but it still kickes me with the same message...................


call me a blond woman but i just dont get it

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Go to Task Manager and click on the Services tab.


Check whether the PnkBstrA service is running, it should start running on bootup and when a PB enabled game is run the PnkBstrB service will start up as well.


Not having these services running would result in the type of kick you are describing.

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it worked

i am good now

i had to unistal and install about 3 times

i gave up but tried again after a hour

and it worked

all is updated and running smooth on the servers


thx for the help guy's



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