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Ubuntu 9.04 Released


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Ubuntu 9.04's been released to day, and I can honestly say it's fantastic!


Boot up times on my netbook are more than halved (1 min 5 secs before, now 30 secs) when using the ext4 file system. Hardware support is also improved, and the notifications are far more aesthetically pleasing.


Well worth checking out :)



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Sweet... I have been spending much more time with this. I liked the last version and have really had little issue with it but I will put the new version on to test it. I am still very much a noob with this but still enjoy myself. :)

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Got it going on my desktop right now aswell - it boots up in just over 10 seconds, and runs incredibly smoothly. Beats Windows any day :)


Sadly, syncing with Windows Mobile devices still leaves a lot to be desired. Other than that though, no complaints from me.

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