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ultimate holiday


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one of our members posted this link on our forums it made me chuckle as i briefly thought about selling the house and living the dream



Welcome to Somali Cruises It's like a safari, only better"Safari" is the Swahili word for adventure and that's just what we have in store for you.


We sail up and down the coast of Somalia waiting to get hijacked by pirates. We encourage you to bring your 'High powered weapons' along on the cruise. If you don't have weapons of your own, you can rent them on the boat.




Our rates


$800.00 US/per day double occupancy (4 day max billing).


M-16 full autorental: $25.00/day .ammo: 100 rounds of 5.56 armor piercing ammo at $15.95.Ak-47 assault rifflerental: No charge. ammo: 100 rounds of 7.62 com block ball ammo at $14.95.Barrett M-107 .50 cal sniper rifflerental: $55.00/day. ammo: 25 rounds 50 cal armor piercing at $9.95.RPGrental: $75/day. ammo: 3 standard loads at $200.Mounted Mini-Gun$450.00 per 30 seconds of sustained fire.

Crew members can double as spotters for $30.00 per hour (spotting scope included).


"Everyone gets use of free complimentary night vision equipment and coffee and snacks on the top deck from 7pm-6am."


Meals are not included.

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