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Temp. & Perm. Denied Applications


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Hi PBBans

I got a msg off an Admin regarding my forums are either not accessable without registration or are empty which was an oversight on my behalf... which i will amend to "Public" can see.


However my question is that there is obviously threads in there that i dont want to public to see for obvious reason (passwords etc etc). Do i need to open the forum up Fully or can i just have certain parts of it showing so that Public can only see the "Public section". I know this is kinda a nooby question. however i dont want to screw this up and get banned.


Any advice would be much appreciated... or maybe the admin Duality can help





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All we need to see are a couple of sections that you are comfortable with being public, that have a few threads in with recent replies. The reason being, is that when processing these applications we are looking for signs of longevity in a clan. If a clan has a fairly active forum, or one that has been used fairly recently - then it shows that the clan will be alive for some time, and the effort put in by myself and other accounts managers to create and maintain their account will not be wasted.


Before you re-apply, the two things I am looking for are:


* A full team roster - Anywhere on your site, even a locked forum thread will do.

* A forum with a decent amount of activity (explained above).


Anything else I am not concerned about - if someone has a clean history and can provide those two things with the website they submit on the application form, they will pass first time :)


Hope this at least explains the background behind the website vetting we do - feel free to PM me yourself if you have any other questions.

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Hi Chaps


Thank you for your prompt and very professional reply


That is fine.. Team Uk was est in 2006 so i have nothing to hide... will get this done tonight and re-submit my request.. i assume that's all i do


Thank you once again


Kindest Regards



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