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FEAR Combat


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Hey guys


Im directing this post mainly towards the admins of Punk Buster but all posts are welcome, Im curious to know why you did drop support for FEAR Combat but continue to support Fear Perseus Mandate? In all due respect no one plays Perseus Mandate at all but theres still a good 300+ people still in Fear Combat. I also decided to looked to see how many bans there are in Persues Mandate and i found 1 ban which is pointless im my opinion to continue supporting this game. So i would greatly appreicate it if you was to think about this and come back and support Fear Combat. Its a GREAT game without hackers and being as FEAR 2 Project Origin didnt turn out the way we expected alot of people have just decided to leave Project Origin and come back to fear. So yea please look into this and support us FEAR players once again it would be great to have some real anti-cheat software back in fear again.


Thank you!



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Evenbalance are the creators of Punkbuster, we are in no way officially related to them and do not control what is supported.


I assume the reason they stopped supporting Fear Combat because they were no longer getting paid.


I'm afraid we aren't going to support something that isn't supported by Evenbalance themselves.

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Didn't they release that game for free? Whats the point of banning hackers if they can rejoin with infinite cd keys?


Yea they did make it free but whats the point in supporting Perseus Mandate when all of 5 people play it....?

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PBBans is a privately run anti cheat site that offers live streaming and enhanced checks in the shape of md5 and cvar scans etc.

If you are seeking information as to why a game has been dropped from the EvenBalance support list I would suggest dropping the game devs an e-mail and see if you get a response, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TimeGate_Studios

Anything from any other source would be pure conjecture.

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