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An old clan member was banned awhile ago for an aimbot violation, and was wondering if he bought a new battlefield2142 cd. And installed it with the new cd key and everyone than made another ea account and didn't use an aimbot would he be able to play or would he still be banned?


I told him he'd still be banned because it has something to do with your motherboard serial, is this correct?

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no those are only hardware bans which are given out by EB. Those are rare and only occur when you try and hack the actual PB on EB. Then you wouldn't be able to play any games because your hardware key is in their system and thus not letting you play any PB game.


But just a simple ban that PBBans gives out is only for the GUID. So if he buys a new CD key he will still be able to play. (the banned GUID will still be shown as a ban though if a SGA searches for him.

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