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Hi there. I tried to get an Account here. You denied it. The Problem is that i started my Answer from our Root Server. So the IP-Adress of my Topic was the same as our Gameserver.


"Your appliaction has been denied, cause you have the same IP as your server.

This is not allowed for streaming here.


Please review the Streaming Application Requirements along with the PBBans Terms of Service.




Please give me an information how i can get this Account now.



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you would have to re-apply for streaming with a new form. Once you fixed all the problems another account staff will look over your account details and accept/deny again.

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How do i a Re-apply. Always i click on "Account Application" - "Continue" i get this Message:


"You have already applied for admin status but your application was denied."


Do i have to create a new Account??

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You applied for a streaming account from the same IP address as your server. The majority of the time, this means the applicant is attempting to stream a home hosted server.


As this is a violation of our Terms of Service, your account submission was denied.

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The requirements say:


Servers MUST be hosted at a data centre. This means that you can rent a server off a Game Server Provider (GSP), co-locate your server or rent space on a dedicated server in a data centre.


Any server that is situated at home or in your home office/business that you can access via your network is not acceptable.


So thats what you have to do now!!

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The Server is in a Datacenter. This is our Root Server.


I only made the Mistake that i registerd from the Root Server via Internet.

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