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Need help with server streaming


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Ok first of all i had a sever for aa3 based in the UK which i had streaming to you guys, then as most mebers of our group are in the US i decided to switvh the location of the server to newyorkto help them out, i have added the server in my server settings and added the cfg from your site as well as the ucon file, the same two i used to get the other server streaming. This is the line thats in there does this look correct?


; ------------------------------

; PB UCON Settings / Lists

; ------------------------------


pb_sv_usessionlimit 9

pb_sv_ucontimeout 90


pb_sv_uconadd 1 "pbbanshub" "pbbanshub"



For some reason the server isnt streaming and i really havent a clue why pb is up to date an running the pbsv is added and the ucon. I have uploaded the pb server log in to the thread as an attachment and maybe if someone has the time they could quickly scan over it, to see if it looks ok.

Hope someone can help me out.

Thanks for your time.


Sorry the server ip is


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None streaming issues are always client side issues.


First thing to do is make sure PB is fully updated and re-enter the streaming commands;

America's Army version 3	v1.741	v2.184  |  A1372


Make sure there is a blank file in your PB root directory ( pbucon.use )


If that does not work, see what the server response is to some basic PB commands that always elicit a server response;

i.e.admin pb_sv_ver or admin pb_sv_plist or admin pb_sv_homepath

If there is no server response to these basic PB commands it would suggest that your server PB install is corrupt, ask your Game Server Provider for a complete and fully updated re-install of PB on to your server.

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I found the problem the server i added i used the wrong ip i used 65.55 and its 66.55 so ive added the correct one and deleted the wrong one, just waitng for admina pproval and it shopuld be good.

Thanks for your help.

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Team: Synthetic breed (///SYN///)

Account ID: 8205

Streaming Status: Streaming (1 / 1)




Server List


AA3 - (Streaming)



User List


^Da^grim{QrF} (108361)

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