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Giud Verification

UKX DrEvilsShornScrotum

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Quick question. I put my guid into our account ages ago. Just been looking through for the first time in ages and it is still not verified.


Any ideas?


Cheers :blink:

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Yep all good. We now have a dedibox. As such we have increased our number of servers. One of which is a 30 slot arma 2 server. 2 cod4 plus the usual BF2 and a couple that change from time to time.


Hope [ER] is still going well. Will have to jump on your server at some point. Ain't had much chance as of late.

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Once you enter your pbguid, log into the forums / minimise and join your server for a few minutes.

Do not forget that a 30 day period of time will elapse before you will see full IP's etc on the MPI.

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