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"The biggest snitch in Battlefield"!


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I'm soooooooooo proud of my new title! :)


Personally I think that you guys here at PBBans do far more to help clean up the game than me, but still, if the cheating community wants to pay me such a compliment simply for reporting a few of them to EA/DICE, then I'll take that.



Noobtube code = owvuXLdf2Hg


(note the youtube channel name is "punkbustersux" :rolleyes: )

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Too funny. I love how he defends his use of the hack. What a loser!

Cheats will go to any lengths to try and convince the world that they're not losers ...and the world will always just laugh in their faces.


Way back in April 2008 when someone used a hack while name-spoofing my solider (to try and get me in trouble), I realised that these people put more effort into lying and being a pain in the 4ss than most people ever invest in normal gaming. There is simply no good reason to bother with all that BS to be honest. Conclusion: They are mentally ill.


...Hey, that makes me think: Maybe the message that cheats see when they get kicked should have a freephone number where they can seek counselling? :D







(edit for spelling)

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