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Please clean my ggc/gv ban


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uhm, im banned from GGC/GV streamed server. It shows cheating as reason..but i didnt, i downloaded the english version before i bought an original german version. i used 1 time the downloaded key and i got banned. then i got an original key and thought the ban is gone..but i got banned again. wtf, please clean that, i rly didnt hack! this is not fair ._.

Guid : d96cf343

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The GUID (d96cf343) was used to cheat. You'll need to contact GGC to request changes to their GUID data. PBBans MPi data will not be modified to remove your link to the banned GUID.

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pbguid 7de24500a7487a7008945e4dd96cf343 has been used by players in Germany and Switzerland.


The German player raised the bannable violation, and thats why you have a normal member forum account and not a restricted one.


First seen on a PBBans streamed server Feb 04, 2008 at 3:03 pm and used by a German player.


Banned April 8, 2009 7:54 am for using a cheat (no mistake or error, digital fingerprint is an exact match for the cheat file)


Ban has never been appealed (waste of time because it will be denied)


PBBans mpi data can not be altered in any shape or form, (I suspect other anti cheat sites will say the same)


Were did you buy the original German version, because it looks like someone in Germany offloaded a copy of cod 4 they had used to cheat with.

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so nobody will remove the ban? so i have to waste my miney again?

The ban was issued on a valid Punkbuster/PBBans md5 scan violation and will remain on the MBi. The best recommendation is buy games from a valid retailer/reseller.

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you pay your money, you takes your chances


if you buy from a reputable dealer, chances are better


looks like you bought the game in December?


used copies of games that use a cd-key are always a bad risk

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