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Permanent Ban for me, COD WAW, I own the game and need help..


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Well, just launched Call of Duty World at War today for the first time in over a week, and went out to play on my favorite server, which is really the only server I ever frequent, and I got the message:


"XXX" Punkbuster Permanent Ban issued on this game server for player "XXX"... prior kick/ban


In the above, 'XXX' is my profile name which I am not ready to disclose yet..


Now, I own this game, and have played it for many hours on this very server, and to my knowledge, have never been kicked for any reason. I am trying to figure out what is going on, and could use some assistance from someone who knows more. I checked to make sure PunkBuster was installed on my machine. There is a PB directory in my COD game directory, that contains a bunch of dll files, etc.. I downloaded the latest I could find from the web, and pasted them to the html directory, and the dll directory. Still no good.


I sincerely hope that I did not get kicked permanently from my fav game server, because that would take much of the fun out of the game. I did not bother to try logging into any other servers, for fear I would encounter the same thing, and get permanently banned there as well..


Any help greatly appreciated..

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I have found your details via an ip check and you do not seem to be banned by us, Evenbalance or any other anti-cheat site. The ban is a local one handed out by the server admin himself. I guess that you will only find your answer by talking to them.

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How does one get a hold of the server admin, if one cannot connect to the server..?


search the server name online, most likely you can come up with the clans website whatever clan that maybe and then contact them.

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