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Hi guys, what with CB matches being streamed to GV and there being no real, decent euro ladders who are welcoming the Master Ban Index (MBI), my friends and I will soon be starting a new league.


This league will only be using the Master Ban Index (MBI) and will require the servers to be streaming here to pbbans.


Just want to know how many ppl this would interest, seeing as it will be mainly for 2v2, 3v3 and 5v5 ctf.




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Just trying to sort the layout out at the moment... for now we are only looking at 5v5 ctf official maps...want to see how it goes b4 we promise this, that and the other.


If anyone has suggestions for rules, maps etc can u please message me @ [email protected] or icq 318-946-880 rather than clogging up pbbans forums :)



RodeoBob can you msn me about any technicalities you would like to bring into it seeing as the servers will be streaming straight to you for matches :)



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OK with have a rough outline of the league set up, its not brilliant, we are not website geniuses but with support from the pbbans community we can make it work for the european gamers.


Combat Zone League



For now, we will only be supporting Normal Damage, but thought I would make it slightly public now so you can all give me suggestions on how to make it more fun for you guys.


Please do not register your clan just yet, it is still under construction.


We are thinking of adding custom maps to the competition maplist to spice things up.


Feedback and suggestions please :)



Maps so far include















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okey doke, on testing.....when 2 clans play each other, only the losing team can enter the score....thus allowing time for disputes etc etc..... as this league is all about fun and fairplay we will be relying on the losers not being sore losers LOL.



So far, so good...its looking promising as we tested with 2 make believe clans lol.



Still need outside input and advice on what todays clans want from a league please :)



Seeing as RodeoBob has been so kind as to allow us to use this thread for comments an suggestions, please fire away :)







ty Bob

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[email protected] for beta testing ;)



Heres what i'm hoping for:


imho the biggest selling point of this new league would be an up-front, clearly defined, zero tolerance attitude towards cheating.


I would like to see PBBans 'officially' linked with the project and work closely with the league admins in defining scripts and server configs for matches etc.


Make it clear that fair play is your NUMBER ONE priority, and I think you will have a lot of interest. :)

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bollockchops, couldnt add you to msn because its not related to an msn account.



[email protected]



the cheating rules so far.


1. Any player caught cheating is suspended from play whilst they appeal to pbbans. If the appeal is granted, they may resume play after 2 days. If appeal refused they are immediately removed and banned from the league.


2. Master Player Index (MPI) must be used in all matches, and all servers must be streaming directly to pbbans.


3. The clan involved with the cheater will lose the match by forfeit and will gain 1 black mark, three marks and the clan is deleted. If the leader is caught cheating, no matter how many marks, the clan is deleted.


4. Demo's must be recorded by all players and be submitted to the league straight after matches.



If anyone can think of anything i have overlooked, please help lol.

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wtf is this all about? The reason I joined PBBans is because I don't tolerate cheats on my Server.


BlackViper comes up with a good idea for a European ladder totally devoid from CB (very nice).


Then the whole thread turns into how many cheats can I catch.


I enjoy playing SoF2 but can't devote my whole life to catching cheats. The enjoyment of playing is the whole point of it, not I think that guy may be cheating.


So carry on with your SoF2 ladder and have good scrims but please don't let the banning of cheats become the be all and end all.

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Bollockchops asked what the leagues stance is on cheating in the ladders, i replied..... it isnt about how many we can catch, its about keeping it fair, fun and most of all enjoyable.


The main point of me posting here is because I want a league that utilizes and works closely with the Master Player Index (MPI) and with pbbans admins.


Think you mis-read the thread m8.



Moving on, need suggestions on gameplay rules and also custom maps for official matches. So far Dust and Italy are included.

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Garbage I find your comments strange considering this is an anti-cheat forum.


imo The point of having a very public, zero-tolerance policy on cheating is to create an environment where people can be confident that they are playing under fair conditions. The priority is fairness for all, not "how many people can we ban" <_<

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I think this was just a misunderstanding and personally I feel that dingo is just stating how he read the posts. Let's all calm down and give each other some breathing room and please let's not turn this thread into a flame of anyone.


Deep breaths everyone. If you have a hard time doing that go down to the local pub pick out a nice blonde and ask her to take a few deep breaths for you.

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That's correct Depetris and I apologise to all if my post caused offence. I just felt that statements like "zero tolerance attitude towards cheating." could be taken for granted anyway as the ladder was being set up by one of our own.

My post was badly worded, sorry.

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Apologies from me too if there was any offence taken. ;)

In my post I just meant to address the flaws in CB's anti-cheat policy (far too lenient imo) and offer some input as to how the ladder could be kept clean and fun for all. Peace :)

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lol firestorm, np....i jus been told by my brother that he has a much better nuke.php which is going to replace the existing 1 we have....this allows multiple ladders, allows easy demo submittance to users, a more user friendly interface, quicker and more reliable match arranging, yadda yadda..... he ironing out the bugs now but it looks better, responds better an hopefully will be awesome.



Will post here when it is completed and also uploaded onto the webpage.

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psssst, still need input on rules (serverside) and maps lol. We are also currently working on setting up a 1on1 ladder which is very popular over at CB.


We hoping to open the doors with 3 ladders active. Which ladders would most ppl like to see?



2v2 ctf

3v3 cft

5v5 (6v6) ctf

2v2 inf

3v3 inf

5v5 (6v6) inf

2v2 elimination

3v3 elim

5v5 (6v6) elim

2v2 demolitition

3v3 dem

5v5(6v6) dem

2v2 tdm

3v3 tdm

5v5 (6v6) tdm

2v2 VIP

3v3 VIP

5v5 (6v6) VIP

5v5 (6v6) Classic ctf



Eventually, if all things go well, we will be including all ladders...... but which would interest ppl most at the moment?

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