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Crytek envisages a future with no free demos


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Speaking with Develop, Crytek co-founder Cevat Yerli has revealed he believes the free game demo could be on the way out, calling the practice a "luxury" the video game industry is unlikely to enjoy for much longer.


"A free demo is a luxury we have in the game industry that we don't have in other industries such as film. Because we've had this free luxury for so long, now there are plans to change this people are complaining about it. The reality is that we might not see any free game demos in the long term."


Commenting on EA's potential strategy to do away with free game demos, instead releasing cut-down, paid for samples of games, he added:


"I think EA's strategy is interesting, overall. The thing is, every time we see a publisher doing something to improve the industry, making things more commercially viable and actually increasing the market, people instantly think this is only some money-hungry ploy."


He added: "I think there is a genuine interest here to give gamers something more than a small demo released for free.


"Really, what this is, is an attempt to salvage a problem. The industry is still losing a lot of money to piracy as the market becomes more online-based. So it's encouraging to see strategies outlined to combat this."


On the subject of a Crysis 2 demo, Yerli said: "That's something we need to think about, because we haven't fully decided on this yet."


"Whether we do have a demo or not, do I think companies need to release so many demos? I think that we'll see more and more games not carrying a demo in the future, because it becomes prohibitively expensive."


"I think we'll see less and less of them in the future," he concluded.


Crysis 2 is scheduled for release holiday 2010 for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.





Maybe game developers should make better games that people want instead of pushing out console ports or blaming piracy.

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6 months after the crysis release date crytek were promising a patch one day and then dropped all support the next with no word of explanation, they later said they were concentrating their efforts on a partnership with EA.

To me, that is crytek giving the middle finger to the customers that bought their pc game.(over a million sales afaik)

Here is their statement after they dropped support;

At this time, there almost certainly will not be a patch 1.3 delivered for Crysis. We are aware that this news will disappoint many of you, and we would like to apologize profusely. There is a good reason for this and we hope you understand when you hear more about the reasons why in the very, very near future. Please realize this was an extremely difficult decision, but please do know that we are listening to your comments and are making more consistent community support a high priority.


We are confident that the things we are working on will be appreciated by the community, and we hope for your continued support. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.


For me, that reads, crysis did not sell as well as we were hoping so we are going to concentrate on console games.


This is also the same company that have not fully intergrated PB into any of their products.

Despite repeated assurances that they will apply a fix, thus far they have not.

As a consequence PBUCON does not work properly and crysis/crysis wars servers will only stream when players are active on the server.

This means that the largest streaming server anti cheat site in the world can not maintain streaming. (and they wonder why their games are bombing) :)


After the crysis fiasco, I made myself a promise not to buy a crytek product again (I deem them to be an untrustworthy company)

Thus far I have had no problem what so ever in maintaining that resolve. :) so they can stick their views on free demo's were the sun dont shine, and just to paraphrase the crytek co-founder;

A "luxury" that the video game industry can do without is disreputable companies that sell a product complete with a multiplayer option who then drop all support after 6 months. :angry:

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Bit off topic, but with fuel prices going the way they are does that mean we can expect to not get a demo drive when considering which vehicle to puchase :)

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Bit off topic, but with fuel prices going the way they are does that mean we can expect to not get a demo drive when considering which vehicle to puchase :)


:D nice anology, and to continue the theme;

If you bought a car and just 6 months later a major problem occurred, you contact the manufacturer and they say "sorry the warranty is only valid for 6 months"


Would you buy another car from that manufacturer ever again ?

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Only way I would sign off on this is if we are allowed to return open software for a full refund should it not work. I would skip the demo and buy the full product.


I bet if you could easily return software, game devs wouldn't be so quick to push unfinished products out the door. Imagine the mess the world would be in if software return policies applied to everything. Car manufacturers pushing out crappy cars knowing they can just recall and fix it later once all the "bugs" are worked out.


Least console users can rent a full version of a game to try before they buy in most cases.

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I do play Crysis, single player only though and am very surprised that yet again piracy is brought up as an issue, it always has been an issue as far as I'm aware so anything that reduces that has to be a good thing.


As for the charging (possibly) for demos that's another story entirely, I'm presuming that we will 'all' now get a working demo if money is involved and if that's not the case then I'm sure that will affect sales so I don't know if charging for demos is good or bad.


I like the free demos, they give me a taste of the game and then I can decide if I want to buy the game or not, if they are charging for demos then I'm not so sure I'll be trying before I buy anymore and might just wait until it's knocked down in price. We're in effect paying for the same game twice, albeit a slightly reduced cost for a taster.

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i started computer games when shareware was the norm


if i liked the game i sent them money and they in turn sent me more content


if i didn't like the game or it was buggy as hell, i just uninstalled it and formatted the 5.25" floppy to use for something else


if i have to pay up front, there will be no forgiveness


i won't be buying at release either. i will be forced to wait on reviews of the full game by people i actually know. i can't believe the review sites anymore


the rash of buggy half-ass game releases have already made me wary of BS from these scam artists disguised as game makers.


why is broke ass on release the norm now anyway?


oh sorry i forgot the [rant] [/rant]

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As for the charging (possibly) for demos that's another story entirely, I'm presuming that we will 'all' now get a working demo if money is involved and if that's not the case then I'm sure that will affect sales so I don't know if charging for demos is good or bad.


We don't even get a working full game anymore, doubt a paid demo would be any different.

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Maybe if they offered a redemption code or something that came with the demo, this _may_ work: Buy the demo, like the game, get demo price off full release. However I for one still wouldn't support this concept. Try before you buy. If anything this will push MORE people towards piracy if the only demo they can get is a full game pirated copy.

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Soemthing else that got me as well with the statement - comparison to the film industry. When was the last time you went to the cinema or rented a DVD that did not come with at least 30 minutes of trailers with it?


Free demo's?


That really bugs me as well is the DVD's that you have to sit and fast forward through them, rather then just press the main menu button.


Shareware - that takes me back :)

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We don't even get a working full game anymore, doubt a paid demo would be any different.


Unfortunately, that is true but if they are going to push this charge through that's going to have to improve drastically, if the demo doesn't work (after paying money for it) then I can see a lot of players just waiting for the sales or not bothering at all with the full game.


Even now the free demos are only working for some players and some still have problems with them yet they want to consider charging for them in the near future :blink:

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Looks like a nother ripp off from the gaming factory's.

I think we deserve the right to play a demo of a game, to see if you like it or not.

I sure that i would never buy a motorcycle or a car if i can't test drive it.

But for gaming, its like; if you want to try it, buy it.

I already have to many bad produced games that collecting dust onderneed my desk.

Games that are buggy or have bad gameplay.

Lucky i found a toyshop in Holland where you can return a game within 3 days if you don't like them or can't play them.

If they want us to pay 48 euro or dollar to buy a game , we deserve the right to play it first by using a demo.


There are to many bugged games for the last few years.

Years ago they used a group of beta testers,who had contact with the gaming studio.

They tested this beta demo, and gave there pc spects to them, and reported bad gameplayor buggs.

Nowdays game facorys have there own in house testers, mostly guys who also build the game.

And they throw a badly tested demo's on the net, and they get insulted all over from gamers.

I think they got sick of that.


On the otherhand, and this might be offtopic but:


Why we have to pay in Europe the same price in Euro as in USD?

If a game cost 48 Usd, we pay 48 euro (sometimes even more).


48 usd = 38 euro

48 euro, = 64.24 usd

Some gameshops are willing to lower there game prices, but they simply got blocked from distrubution.

So they are forced to sell the games at price the facorty wants.

Game booklets get cheaper and cheaper printed, without being laminated or just in black and white printed on newspaper quality paper.

Some game factorys are not even willing to print a manual anymore.

They simply say its online or on a digital manual on the dvd.

But what if you play the game, and you want to lookup someting in the manual?


The game industry is running by to many manager money whores in stead of game loving people.

years ago they all wanted to make a good game, nowdays it looks like all they want is making more money then ever.

Offcource companys have to make money, but its bussy to turn i a wrong way.

For some games its even not possible to get support or a patch if the game is older than 6 months.


I am gaming for 22 years now. (i am 38)

And i seen the turn.

years ago you could play a game for 25 or 40 hours, and that worth of my money i spend on it.

Nowdays games can be finnished in 8 to 12 hours.

yes offcource you have the multiplayer, but i always prefer the singellayers.

Its seams like nowdays games are only made for the multiplayer.

But don't forget this is a easyer way for them to genarate money from us.


Be ready for the console take over, or the browser gaming in network, and the drop of pc games.

There already bussy with it, making hughe money making contracts for 1 console made game, like playable on Paystation only.

But it seams they forget its to easy to copy a console game.

in Holland you can rent for 5,- euro a consolegame in a videoshop for a week, copy it and play it for free.

For pc gamers they make all kind of difficulties for us to play it. like this stupid steam. or a demanded internet connection.

If you have a temp problem with your priverders connection, you can't play it.

Its like you have a expencive car and you can only buy fuel from your car factory from who you bought it.

They forget the hardcore pc gamers group who made gaming succesfully, and spend lots of money on expencive game pc's.


Payed demos, lol.

I would see the first car dealer that say to you: yeah offcource you may test drive, pay 100 Euro first.



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