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Starcraft 2


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Anyone else playing this utter classic of an RTS? I never played a starcraft game before this one - but I am now totally and utterly addicted. Anyone fancy getting together for some games?


On that note, I have two Starcraft 2 guest passes. They are good for 7 hours of game time or until 14 days from activation of the code, whichever comes first. If you ask me nicely and I like you, I may furnish you with one of these lovely freebies.

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I played Starcraft for a long time and absolutely loved it. I was an addict for sometime which is the reason I never allowed myself to play WOW. In a week or so I'm hoping to pick this up but I'm going to find some software that overrides my foolish desire to play until the fingers bleed... :lol:

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I have the game. Still learning the maps though. I haven't played my placement matches either. I was an avid Starcraft player. Starcraft 2 has some different units.. and the old units do different things. I wanna make sure I'm caught up on all three races before I place. I can't believe they took out firebats in multiplayer. I know the hellions are supposed to be the replacement.. but they're not the same. If they're in single player, they should be in multiplayer IMO.


I finished the campaign and I'm playing AI matches until I get back into the swing of it.


Very addictive.. like the first.

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