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Problem activation


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Oki donc temps que vous n'aurez pas mis en place ces conditions (roster et info serveur) ils ne pouront pas t'activer ton compte.

Pour te simplifier la chose tu peut creer deux block sur ton site je pense ou tu inscrit la liste de tes membre et un autre qui pointe vers le gametracker de ton serveur. Et comme cela tu remplis les conditions.


Le roster permet de connaitre les joueurs de ta team, car dans les conditions d'utilisations du stream, il n'est pas autorisé d'avoir des joueurs qui cheat dans sa team et de pouvoir streamé.

Les infos serveur permettent de savoir si c'est bien ton serveur.



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He tells me:

Team already has an account:


Team: AssaultFrenchSwat (_[AFS]_)

Account ID: 10197

Streaming Status: Not Streaming (0 / 0)




Server List




User List


Ludo666 (157132)


Please contact the user above if you wish to be added to the team. You can then add servers that way. Any problems, feel free to post back on forums.


Ludo666 changed team, he left to come to the AFS, what should I do? or or must Ludo666?

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You have been removed from the AFS team account


So Ludo666 no longer part of AFS.


But I can not reapply:


You have already applied for admin status but your application was denied.


More info can be found at the following Forum Post


And I do not see in <LI class=first>PBBans> Account Management<LI>> New Account Submissions<LI>> Streaming & Not Streaming Completed Applications

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Team already has an account:


Team: AssaultFrenchSwat (_[AFS]_)

Account ID: 10197

Streaming Status: Not Streaming (0 / 0)






send PM to staff concerning taking over that account


Streaming Accounts Management Fozzer Duality Surfy Buffnuggles

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I can never understand why teams make it so difficuilt for themselves :scratchchin:




Ludo666 and innocent are the same person.

Our rules are 1 forum account per person and a forum member can be part of 1 team account only, so make a choice as to what forum account you want to keep because in a short space of time, I will deactivate the newer forum account.


I think its best if someone makes a forum post, explaining exactly whats going on or I will have no choice other than to suspend everything untill we know what the hell is happening.

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I am going to start again since the beginning.


The LBV team exists for a long time. We had servers COD4 stream by our ancient admin: SAIYAN59.


But he left the team.


Innocent who was the new admin tried to redo an account to be able to streamer our server BFBC2, but he did not make a success.


Ludo666 was the leader of the team AFS, but he left this team to join the LBV.


Ludo666 with the agreement of Innocent used his account to be able to take care with stream our server. But it raises problem for you apparently.


I have just been named new admin of the team LBV. That let us have to be made concretely for streaming our server ?

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Based on what I could get from your post and the information stated on the LBV website, I did the following modifications :

  • SAIYAN59 is no longer part of Team Account #8017
  • Nightwish22 was added to Team Account #8017 as Master User
  • innocent was added to Team Account #8017 as normal user
  • Ludo666 was added to Team Account #8017 as normal user

Is all this okay ? Is there anything I forgot ?


The Team Account will remain inactive until you all have registered a GUID on your profile. (Already done for Ludo666)




À partir de ce que j'ai pu lire ici et sur le site internet LBV, j'ai procédé aux modifications suivantes :

  • SAIYAN59 ne fait plus partie du Team Account #8017
  • Nightwish22 a été ajouté au Team Account #8017 en tant que Master User
  • innocent a été ajouté au Team Account #8017 en tant qu'utilisateur normal
  • Ludo666 a été ajouté au Team Account #8017 en tant qu'utilisateur normal

Tout cela vous convient-il ? Ai-je oublié quelquechose ?

Le Team Accout restera inactif tant que vous n'avez pas tous fourni un GUID dans votre profil. (C'est déjà fait pour Ludo666.)


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Never, ever, share your login details with anyone else.

It could lead to immediate, permanent suspension.

It also causes confusion of what is really a very simple issue.

There is no need for any LBV team account application, because one already exists.

All it needed was for an admin to request a take over of the existing team account and the PBBans accounts staff would have sorted it in minutes.


The AFS team account is in a similar position, with no admin attached to the AFS account, we wait for someone to request to take it over and we will process it when we receive it.


I would suggest that innocent changes his forum password, immediately, and not share the new password with anyone.

If any more password/account sharing is noted, the team account will be suspended, permanently.


There are 3 admins attached to the existing LBV team account;

innocent ( 158813 )

Ludo666 ( 157132 )

Nightwish22 ( 160890 )


Nightwish22 is the master user, and the team account contact e-mail has been changed to his.


The LBV team account has been activated and is now awaiting servers to be added by you.

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