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What is the Problem? Wanted to put a server to stream, I enter the Master Config Index, and I wrote:90bce0849756.jpg

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I added all correctly but kagda I go to the Master Config Index wrote: You currently do not have access to this area


You must be logged into our forums and have a forum status of Streaming Game Admin status or higher


If you have just started or resumed streaming your forum status will be automaticly updated within the next few hours.

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You will not get access to anything untill your server starts streaming.

Here is a list of all servers that appear on the bfbc2 master server/browser, with an IP of at this moment in time;



We have had an issue before that only affects customers from the Russian Federation, wereby the game/join port of their server was constantly changing.

This makes streaming impossible.


Contact your GSP and tell them you want a game/join port that does not change.

Once they comply add the server to your team account via account manager.

If they can not provide you with a static game/join port, take your custom somewhere else.

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