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Medal of Honor Support Suspended


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We have 6 MoH servers on a dedi, and had as of three weeks ago all servers in the top 10 (by gametrackers estimate at least). Its a bummer that PBans doesnt want to support it anymore, together we caught 25 or so hackers from MoH alone... we've been rebooting empty servers daily to get them back on line with PBBans. Its been a pain, but better than nothing at all. Your services will be missed.



Question to PBBanns:


Why can

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Just got this from our provider:


All Servers have now been patched to R9.



. Remote admin serverInfo command has extra info (ranked / unranked, password on/off, PB on/off, game time, server uptime)

. Remote admin player.onAuthenticated & player.onSpawn events are being sent properly

. Remote admin server.onRoundOver & server.onRoundOverTeamScores are being sent properly

. When querying the server about PB status, it is now asking the PB DLLs instead of looking up the game-internal flag; now, if PB is mis-installed on the server, the PB status will never go to "on"

. PunkBuster will always communicate via the game port (in R8 it would sometimes pick another port, and this caused communications problems)


That last one sounds promising!

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No, it would not.


The game infrastructure is not zero-maintenance. The stability of BFBC2 is benefited by the command-and-control structure of the strictly-RSP program.


I will not go into further detail.

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so i managed a testserver, and the pbbans stream works, thx. nice job. saw the enforcebans also working. using ggc and pbbans now, but dice ... its not about the RSP i thought. is about that the player want FREE dedicated Serverfiles. look now in BF3 ...




so gameservers.com told me, that is easy to release the serverfiles within the gamepackage, so we can manage streams more easier, and ++ find errors and so on. try coming back to the "root" lol.

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