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Regular people CANT get PBBANS


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why do you people make it impossible for regular people to get pbbans? i purchased a RANKED 32 slot server on 10/29/10 on my own. as of now its ranked 38 in the world in gametracker wit over 9400+ players visited so far. im constantly pestered by retards who join my server askin me why i dont have streaming bans. theres really no point in explaining it to them as they wont understand that you people have so many unnecessary requirements, ie- forums, rosters, etc, apparently having a highly trafficked server up isnt enough... Most people have lives which consist of jobs, gf's, wives, kids, etc or simply put they are like me, a person that just comes online to game, not try to make tons of virtual friends, people i would never see nor care to meet... Ive played on a few of the top servers in the world and i cant say im suprised that even they dont have pbbans running. im sure as soon as an admin reads this it will get locked or deleted and who knows maybe it will go so far that i will get banned from the forums, but that would only prove my point. i truly hope a new organization comes along and replaces you people. even if i have to pay a small fee for their service like how procon charges people $2 for their procon layer, i would.

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Dude the rules are simple to follow. They follow these guidelines because there were clans/cheater who would harbor themselves into getting access to PBBans and then making there hacks undetectable. These guidelines are there for security reasons. There are plenty of other AC sites you can stream to other then PBBans if you cant get access here then go there. Or just simply setup something that will let you meet requirements.


Requirements can be found here




*Edit* And what Maydax said.

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ok maydax i dont know wat that video is supposed to be about, but i tried to re apply and it says "You cannot start a new topic" i was previously denied when i tried the first time, reason was cuz i was using gametracker forum. i setup another forum shortly after, new site is http://hai.forumer.com i also did the automated setup thing because im pretty sure i never did any of this before...


[iNIT] Opening connection ...

[MSG] Connection opened

[MSG] Remote console driver does not return result. Performing blind setup.

[MSG] Creating pbucon.use file ( pb_sv_writecfg pbucon.use )

[MSG] Restarting PB ( pb_sv_restart )

[MSG] Waiting 30 seconds for PB to restart

[MSG] Setting sessions limit ( pb_sv_usessionlimit 8 )

[MSG] Adding ucon profile for PBBans Hub ( pb_sv_uconadd 1 pbbhub1 pbbanshub )

[MSG] Setting pbbans.dat autoupdate ( pb_sv_autoupdban 1 )

[MSG] Adding heartbeat task ( pb_sv_task 0 3600 pb_sv_ver )

[MSG] Saving settings into pbsv.cfg ( pb_sv_writecfg )

[MSG] No error occured during setup. Server should be ready to stream

[MSG] Closing connection ...

[MSG] Connection closed

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There are other anti cheat streaming services that do not have any requirements in order to use their services.

I can say with complete confidence that they have a corrupt banlist ... at the very least <_>


PBBans has the strictest mandatory streaming requirements of any anti cheat site, those requirements, if anything, will get stricter, never easier.

The mandatory streaming requirements were put in place, mainly, to address security issues we have faced in the past.

Maintaining banlist integrity is paramount, and the streaming requirements employed by PBBans help us retain banlist integrity.

Its that simple.


The choices available for any prospective streaming game admin are quite simple too.

You either "go the extra mile" and set up a website that has all the mandatory streaming requirements in place, that will allow you to join the largest anti cheat service in the world ..... or you go for something that runs no background checks, actively encourages cheaters to stream servers (giving them access to cvar / md5 scans and private forum areas) artificially inflates their banlists, steals scans, ideas, features, from other anti cheat sites, and has a corrupt banlist at the very minimum.

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well stupid question everson, can you link me an example please? is it simple to put together? a pic or link would be best. thanks

List of members / in-game names in a pinned forum topic, or make your forum memberlist public.

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well stupid question everson, can you link me an example please? is it simple to put together? a pic or link would be best. thanks


A simple pinned forum topic will suffice that contains the ingame aliases of all members who wear your clantags.

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Ok Everson I tried to see if I could make the member list public but can't figure it out. So instead I just made a sticky with the members. However 2 of the names on the list aren't signed up on my forums yet but I've played with them since I bought bc2, and have known them for about 10 years, as we all used to play counterstrike together. do I need to remove them of the list? the rest of the people play on my server regularly. Here is the public link http://hai.46.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=13



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I've cleared the road for you to make a reapplication; in your comments at application be sure to put a link to the roster above.


It may arise at review that activity on your site is a concern, i.e. lack of and could potentially result in a temporary denial - simple solution to this is to get your registered users posting some stuff. Also be sure to get those that haven't signed up signed up.


You may also wish to put a link to this topic in your application (http://www.pbbans.com/forums/regular-people-cant-get-pbbans-t134674.html).

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