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''Ati Tray Tools'' Ban?


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2 weeks ago, while i was playing bf1942, i was banned suddenly.. i understood nothing.. i applied ban appeal but after 2 mins, my application was denied..

i joined a server in bf42, pb banned me again... :(<The most interessting point is that : i can play another servers.. for example, i can play in another servers but i cant play in a server where i was banned. In other words, i was banned only one server, the others are open.. i dont understand why? the important question is : what if i hack (that never), how can i join another servers and play? what if i dont hack (that real), why was i banned?.. i sent a lot of mails to evenbalance and

I said this situation to evenbalance.. They said '' a file which is on your pc could be recognized by punkbuster as hack tool ''..


Then i searched that it was raised by ati.. i've used ati tray tools and i saw a lot of events like that (bans which have been caused by ati tray tools''

What should i do? My appeal was denied and my another appeal application right is not accepted. (it writes there that i have only a right to appeal )




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you need to post some real information


a screen shot of the message you get when attempting to join that server


the last 8 characters of your GUID


what server are you talking about?


what is the name you use ingame?

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Here is there my real informations..




I can't join into moongamers server. when i try to join, pb says like that : '' pb banned you permanent in this server ''

I contacted with its admins and they said '' contact with pbbans. if they delete your ban, we will delete your ban too''


I am not cheater.. You can see my all statistics about my bf1942 history.. I've been playing only in punkbusterservers..


I've played for 3 years and i have never cheated.. what if i were cheater, why would i play in pb servers?

what if i used cheat tools, pb could revealed it already..



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I made a very big mistake. There was a player whose name is not remembered by me. and that player was killing me eventhough i hide out very well. Strictly, he was using hack and i got annoyed.. Angry, i gave in to temptation and i downloaded a casual cheat program in order to counteract him. However, i swear, my intention was to use it only once. Believe me. I swear.. After joining the server, punkbuster banned me instantly. I can join another servers but i can't join the server where i was banned. I am very very upset, sorry and regretful.. :(

The cheat was not like SUPER SHOOT or HIGH JUMP etc. It was minimap cheat which shows who is where in minimap.

What should i do?

1. Read 2. Buy a new copy of the game.

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oh you bullies ... he eventually tells the truth saying he never cheated :whistling_and_rolling_eyes: if you read again precisely (ok, we aren't nitpicking and just forget about the google-find ati tray tools) ... now coming up with stats, well known as valid proof to some, not all (me).

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