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Deus Ex Human Revolution


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I'm not so positive now after watching that.


Pause it at 38 seconds, 3 guys on-screen, watch the guy on the left, he fires at least 3 rounds at the player. That looks like very bad AI and I know the AI aren't the smartest of players but I know if I had a guy drop in on me with a shotgun I'd at least look for cover ;)

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lol I dont notice that kinda thing, i'm hoping it has a decent story.


Yes me too but I also hope it's not one of those handy holdy type of games too.


I'll reserve judgement until release :unsure:




Interesting read for you Surfy, I might have spoken too soon :(



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Square Enix revealed to PC Gamer that Deus Ex: Human Revolution on the PC will indeed use DirectX 11. This includes some use of tessellation, something that Nvidia has been pushing for the industry to adopt for some time. The team say that they
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I picked this up during the sale and the player who's playing that has either a lot of armour augs or is on casual, it's nigh on impossible to take a shotgun round at that range and live.


Very stealthy game too, the quests could have been a little bit longer and maybe allow a bit more exploration but it's not too bad, something strangely appealing moving in the shadows with a silenced pistol and then taking the kill or maybe even a melee takedown kill :)





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