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Need help understanding a ban


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Hey Guys,


I appreciate the great work you (together with punkbuster) do making BC2 playable. A friend of mine got a ban and I believe it is a GUID based global ban. I know the sticky says not to start new topics about global bans, but I could really use your help and don't know who else to contact.


I have followed your appeal process and started a trouble ticket with Even Balance.




They insist that the ban is valid and refuse to provide any additional information. As I describe in the trouble ticket, this doesn't make any sense to me.


I don't know what to do at this point.


Can you guys tell me anything else about the ban?


If you had a friend in this situation, what would you do?


Obviously, one solution is to change out his CD Key, EA account, and make hardware alterations to change his GUID. However, he isn't using a cheat, so I don't know how to remove whatever caused the ban (false positive) and I have to assume he'll just be banned again right away.


To the extent you are reluctant to discuss how to circumvent a ban in a public forum, feel free to PM me.


Alternatively, if I've got this all wrong and Dave really was using an aimbot, could you provide me some evidence and I'll give up on this.







Violation information from PBBans.com:

Ban Date: Feb 23, 2011 at 4:48:00 pm EST

PBBans BanID: 208733

PBBans Ban Link: http://www.pbbans.com/mbi-viewban-77e71029-vb208733.html

GUID: 11e657afb25bace73aab066577e71029

Game: Battlefield Bad Company 2

Violation: VIOLATION (AIMBOT) 50120

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I have read your troubleticket and found a few anomolies with it.

Firstly the player himself should have opened the ticket and not someone else on his behalf (by all means you can coach him on what to put in his ticket) but the ticket needs to be opened by him.


Secondly, no matter how many "verbal tussles" a player has with a server admin, there is absolutely no way a server admin can have any input what so ever on the issue of a global ban.


Whenever a troubleticket is opened claiming the violation is an error, it should be accompanied by a list of all processes that were running at the time of the kick (chat programmes, anti virus etc etc)


Global bans are issued and maintained by EvenBalance themselves, and no server admin or anti cheat site has any input what so ever.


I have seen a lot of VIOLATION (AIMBOT) 50120 global bans issued by EB, I have yet to see one successfully appealed.

Global bans are not handed out like candy and EB make sure there is no chance of a mistake before going to this extreme.


There are 2 responses to the ticket that was opened on this players behalf.

Response 1 on the initial query;

03/13/2011 15:37:43 - "Adam D"

Note #3: We do not find this violation to be triggered in error, and it will not be removed.

Response 2 on a request for information on how the violation was triggered;

03/17/2011 12:09:03 - "Adam D"

Note #5: I am sorry, but we as policy never divulge the specifics of our violations. I cannot honor your request.


All in all I would say that the player concerned is screwed as far as his pbguid for BFBC2 is concerned, the best way forward for him is to purchase a new copy of the game and create a new EA account.

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