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why not banned?

Barta G

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Hi everyone!


Yesterday our server caught a cheater but this guy is still clean..in turn the streams were online.


[08.12.2011 20:16:09] VIOLATION (MD5TOOL) #9002: x^3D^7x Shecky (slot #6) MD5Tool Mismatch: cUBot.log (len=32) [ *** (VALID)]

[08.12.2011 20:16:09] Kick Command Issued (MD5Tool Mismatch: cUBot.log (len=32)) for (slot#6) *** x^3D^7x Shecky


What is to be done?


(I have the serverlog, etc.)








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We are sorry, but the crucial violation information (example: http://www.pbbans.com/mbi-viewban-0ee933ec-vb226481.html Evidence - Server Logs, first block) was not streamed. Bans can be based on streamed evidence solely, not offline logs.

Looking at the streamed logs, possibly steaming was flooded by countless pb_sv_ bindsearch Tasks.

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PBBans cheat related cvar scans, MD5 scans and Cheat File Matches are intentionally configured to be "lean and mean"


Other anti cheat sites are not so ergonomically friendly with their scans, so if you stream to other AC sites and intergrate the scans and bind searches etc that are employed by anyone other than PBBans, you run the risk of a potential flood issue.

There is also the issue that other anti cheat services spam the command pb_sv_md5toolempty at least on a daily basis, that results in all MD5 scans getting wiped in order for that particular anti cheat site to load their own scans and no one elses.




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