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serious error with punkbuster


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hello, yesterday afternoon I played on this server, I had big problems with my internet connection and the server on several occasions I was expelled for "losing key packets", until the game froze and I could not enter more. This morning I woke up and was going on and check my punkbuster guid ban on all servers globally. Here there is a serious error in my game punkbuster is totally legal and I never use anything to alter the game, the only thing I did yesterday was to reinstall punkbuster to see if I could solve the "losing key packets" and that the server stopped to eject me. Please if someone could help me and tell me where I have to complain because they have ruined my game and my honor. And please resolve these problems because punkbuster is not pleasant to be going through this situation. My guid is "662ad7711ffb7f0e52ae92673ce01774" and made ​​a claim and generate pbbans.com evebalance.com my ticket but I got no response. Yours sincerely apologize but Matias Fernandez and understand something you do not speak English.

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You seem to have already filled an appeal. If you did all the steps that were described on the appeal pages, then there is nothing you can do except of waiting for an answer.

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because my topic was moved here?

Because you have raised a cheat violation, your topic has been moved to a totally private forum section to prevent the inevietable flame from other forum users.

This topic is now only viewable to you and PBBans staff members.

If you are successful with your appeal your forum status will be upgraded to member.


This is PBBans standard operating procedure for anyone that registers on our forums that appears on the PBBans Master Ban Index.

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Means your ban will be removed shortly.


Edit - Appeal has been approved and your ban deleted from the MBi

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