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Streaming problem admin status : need help

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Hi everybody,


I recently started our own server, on wich i am the only admin on.

I did everything already recuired for PBBans buth now i get this message:



Master Config Index - CVAR & MD5 Overview


MCi Overview You currently do not have access to this area


You must be logged into our forums and have a forum status of Streaming Game Admin status or higher


If you have just started or resumed streaming your forum status will be automaticly updated within the next few hours. Return Home






My account has been already approved and streaming setup has been completed.


Can someone plz help me out with this asap? Support will be much appreciated ;-)


Keep up the good work PBBans :party0049:


PS: I have BF3CC, CLANFORGE and PROCON running as rcon. GGC is already streaming as we speak.

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Make sure the IP:port on the account is the correct one, then run the auto setup:



If that doesn't work try manually adding the necessary information:



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Your group has 2 team accounts none of which are streaming.

Our rules are that forum members have one forum account, and each group has one team account.


One of your team accounts needs to be closed down.

Both you and FWD_Hard_Darkraver need to get together and let us know which team account you are going to keep, and which one is going to close down.


Team: Fighting War Devils ADMIN (FWD)
Account ID: 12574
Streaming Status: Not Streaming (0 / 1)



Team: Fighting War Devils ([FWD])
Account ID: 12548
Streaming Status: Not Streaming (0 / 1)

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Ow - ok... Sorry for the trouble - i am kinda new into this

Our first is the good one (The one from our other admin - Hard_Darkraver - Account ID: 12548).

I just started a new one for another recently rented server.

Hard_Darkraver manages our FWD-Server (collective payment), i manage our NO NOOBS ALLOWED-server (personal payment), so my bad. Sorry for this.


So i can't have a SGA then?


If No:

I'll ask Hard_Darkraver to stream this server then.


If Yes:

For our second server, do i have 2 just add this on the existing account?

Port question: do i use the default one you are talking about or do i have 2 put in the port wich was shown in the pbcl.log file (explained in the setup-page) Because these are different.



Again - Sorry for the trouble

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