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Fireing blanks


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Was playing on a ranked EA UK BF2 server (#18 i think). Now normally when you shoot people they fall to the floor dead!!!


Not that night... Either I had some serious lag and the guy I was pummeling with bullets wasnt where I saw him but i fired most of a mag at him and they never made contact. It was Wake Island on the North Base. I jumped to the ground with my SCAR-L fireing away and not a thing...


Then just to rub it in he shot me...

There was so much wrong with that game nothing you could put yr finger on but you knew some of the things that were happening wernt right...


Including the guy hanging from the ceiling but i think that was a glitch.


***Im in the fight against 'PUNKS'***



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they dont call it betafield2 for nothing :P

Watch your mouth !

BF2 Rocks !

Go back and play your point and click games :)



Note: Joking incase anyone is wondering .


As for server lag have seen some issues but not as you explained .

Also if He could hit you ,lag wouldnt have been an issue on his end :)

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Not meant as a flame but, we have a guy in our clan who would say, "Spam bullet like a n00b, die like a n00b."


Seriously tho, any time I hear "emptied my clip and he didn't go down" I have to wonder just what the accuracy was on those shots...ya know? I have definitely been in the same situation myself, wondering if this uber-soldier was cheating...but as an admin I haven't seen an actual hack which allows you to not take damage on a ranked server. Please, correct me if I'm wrong...(But Don't post info on the hack...PLEASE)


My suggestion would be search for low ping servers and focus on burst fire...

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